How Does Strategic Mobile Advertising Work

1.  Every business owner receives a Personal Scan Portal and Text Marketing Dashboard plus artwork to make posters, counter top fliers, table tents, post cards, business cards, even car or truck magnets to put in well placed areas around or outside their business. That allows clients to phone scan a security QR code or text.

2.   Once the customer scans the code or text in with their phone a form will appear. The business owner chooses what information they want to gather from the customer.  

3.  Once scanned or text the business owner instantly receives that clients data by email direct to their phone, pad or computer in real time giving the business owner instant access to the data to advertise to the client.

4.  That data is also stored in a secure data base for future email advertising. Above is a sample of what a QR code will look like and the text code. Each business owner receives the art work so copies can be made and place at strategic places in their business.

Click on the Button for a presentation on how the program works


Scan or Text to Win

This form may be placed on doors or counters of the business to notify clients of the scan to win campaign.


Tickets may be used in conjunction with the poster above. The tickets are handed out to clients to give them the opportunity to enter the campaign even after they have left the business


Once the client either text or scans they are taken to this ad form to complete and enter the campaign. Their name and email address is entered automatically into the businesses database.


When signing up for text marketing this is the dashboard you will have to setup and run your own marketing campaigns. Each dashboard comes with its own secure login URL. Each comes with one keyword and 500 message minutes per month. Incoming messages are UNLIMITED and outgoing messages are deducted from your total message minutes. You may add additional minutes (see Rusty to add message minutes).

Each business and/or director has access to their own dashboard to manage their own marketing campaigns. With the dashboard you can do the following:

1.   Messaging
a.   Send messages to up to 160 characters to ALL their contacts or specific groups created by the user.
b.   Schedule messages to be sent on a certain day and time.
c.   Drip messages that  allow you to send a series of messages to all contacts, or a group of contacts, over a period of time.
d.   Message template that you create.
e.   Track pending and sent messages

2.   Message inbox to display new opt-ins
3.   Contacts database of ALL people who have opted-in. You may also inter you contacts singularly of import a list.
4.   Groups to put contact into specific groups for marketing campaigns.
5.   One keyword. Your keyword is specific to your business such a (gcrewards) used by the Golden Corral.
6.   Tools
a.   Web Widgets to build and add to your websites to add client that visit your website to the database.
b.   QR Codes, printout your own QR codes specific to your business that customers can scan and opt-in to your text marketing.
c.   Text to Win, select random numbers for winners of text-to-win campaign