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Challenges in modern car dealerships

For car dealerships, managing footfalls is not a mounting challenge. The bigger challenge though is customer loyalty and in-store experience for potential customers. Every dealership has seen their share of super busy days and being there for every customer is next to impossible. In the narrative I described previously, in the absence of a beacon, there’s a huge chance that the potential customer is stuck waiting for a salesperson to answer questions or book a test drive. These missed opportunities and unimpressed customers can prove to be very expensive for your business – literally!

Why Range Marketing Devices? 

The modern customer is very different from their predecessors. It’s not surprising when they just whip out their mobile device to compare prices for a model. Customers today are busy looking for information, reviews, the best deal and the most practical purchases, instead of waiting around to be wooed by a slick salesperson. With these changing trends, beacons are undoubtedly the dealer’s best foot forward in extending a warm in-store experience to customers and converting them to buyers. Range Marketing devices are much more than just a fashionable add-on to your dealership. Considering the affordability of range marketing devices, it’s the best way to reach out to all potential customers and give them what they need immediately.

What can you do with range marketing devices in your car dealership?

1. Push notifications based on customer’s location It’s the best way to make your customer feel welcome and attended. Just as they approach a car, the range marketing device attached to the car transmits a signal to their phone. What goes to the customer’s phone is totally your call. 

It could be any of these – Vital statistics related to the car

VideosBest deals applicable
Feature comparison with other models
This is especially helpful for high-end cars where videos, numbers and detailed images can bring about a huge difference in persuading a potential customer!

2. Booking a test drive Queuing up to book for a test drive can often be painful and frustrating for your customers, especially if the showroom is experiencing one of its busy days. It’s so much easier to fill out the form and sign up for a test drive through mobile devices. When beacons are attached to cars, you can simply target the customer segment that has spent around 10 mins near a car, and then send a range marketing device notification to them with a link to book a spot for a test drive. 

3. Personalized offers Powerful data collection is every business owner’s (or marketer’s) dream. Once you know what your customers want, you can offer special deal. Initially, you can just shoot notifications whenever a customer approaches a car. They will be automatically greeted with a limited time promotion. However, data can also be gathered to craft individual offers for later use. 

4. Generate data for user analysis Usually, while customers make their choices, you are busy noticing their choices and behavior. But with growing number of footfalls in the showroom, that isn’t quite a feasible option. With range marketing devices deployed across the showroom, you can collect and analyze: Popularity of a car modelViews of a model vs. sale of a modelTime spent with a specific car model These analytics will help you take a decision on the showroom design – which model is to be parked up front, which model takes the center stage; resource management in the showroom and so much more… 

5. Make your dealership more accessible However small the segment might be, but there’s always a customer segment around your dealership which is planning to buy cars in the near future. You never know if a limited period offer from your dealership could just trigger her to walk in and buy a car! To stay ahead of the competition, you could always send a few promotional messages to customers crossing your dealership. You have absolutely nothing to lose by doing that. 

6. [Bonus] After work hours sales conversations Car dealerships across the world are using range marketing devices in unexpected ways to boost their sales numbers. In New Jersey, car dealerships are closed on Sundays. They needed a meaningful way to connect with car shoppers who visit dealerships on Sunday and after hours when there’s no one around to start the sales conversation. That’s when range marketing devices are super helpful!