Increase Sales - Drastically Reduce Advertising Cost
Build A Massive Database - Retain More Customers

Marketing and advertising your business or brand can be quite challenging. Innovative Marketing Concept has developed a much easier way of sending messages to the masses. Range Marketing Devices are a tool that sends out messages and promotions to all people using smart phones within a 300 ft. diameter, depending on a clear line of sight.

There are key things that every business owner is looking for and our blue-tooth marketing device does it all!!!
1. A way to increase business.
2. A way to retain existing business.
3. A way to get existing business to return more often.
4. A way to cut advertising cost.
5. A way to get their name out to the public 24/7.
6. A way to build a local customer database for future advertising.
7. Advertise to millennials.In today's economy businesses look for something that separates's them from their competition, Innovative Marketing Concept has that product.

Ad Examples

Create engaging range marketing campaigns with range devices in minutes

Have your first range marketing campaign up and running in 15 minutes

With preconfigured devices from IMC, getting started takes almost no time at all.

Create rich and engaging notifications for campaigns

Our range device platform is built for flexibility - cards, images, forms, videos, etc.

Implement range marketing campaigns from your dashboard

Create, manage and monitor device campaigns all from an easy-to-use web dashboard.

Get detailed analytics on campaign performance

See real-time data on notifications, clicks, and campaign performance. Export your data to CSV too.


All business owners are looking for a way to separate themselves from their competition. Innovative Marketing Concept provides each business owner with one of a kind state of the art advertising platform that accomplishes the five things that every business owner is looking for. Businesses all over the world have realized that getting people through the door is just the first step, now keeping them coming through the door by giving them good service and a good product is just as important. Now there is a third step that keeps that customer base coming in more often. IMC’S Strategic Mobile Advertising program gives every business owner a way to keep their name in front of every person in their customer base.This is why IMC is able to help so many business owners worldwide to:
1.     Bring in new business.
2.     Bring in their existing business more often through direct to phone, computer, laptop, I pad, advertising.
3.     IMC provides a way for each business to develop a massive, legal opt-in, local client database that the business owner can advertise to weekly.
4.     Lower their cost of advertising and make their advertising dollars more productive.
5.     A large percentage of business owners are targeting millennials and their kids supplying them with many generations of business.

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Strategic Mobile Advertising

IMC’S Strategic Scan, Text, and Email Advertising Program allows business owners to gather OPT-IN data for Mass Strategic Future Advertising. Gathering local client data is crucial to the development of any business, why?

By assembling a massive local base of information the business owner can target what type of specials they want to run on a daily or weekly basis keeping their name in front of their clients. This will bring in their clients more often.

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Go beyond for-sale signs and billboards with IMC range devices and range marketing. Instantly connect with buyers and generate leads through range notifications sent to their smartphones.

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Enhance the in-store car buying experience and engage with prospects as they walk around your showroom. Use range marketing to showcase videos, car specs, and highlights through notifications..

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Engage shoppers inside your store using range devices and range marketing. Drive footfalls, send out promotions, and talk to your customers through.

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With a keyring range device in your pocket you are advertising your business where ever you go.

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Re-imagine guest service and hospitality by triggering range-based messages.

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Use range devices to drive footfalls and deliver a delightful experience to customers who walk in. Track hourly footfalls to adjust happy hours and promotions.

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We make range marketing simple for everyone.

Works out-of-the-box

Get going in less than 15 minutes when you receive your beacons - zero configuration required!

Fully secure

Bulletproof device secured with encryption and hardware passwords.

Cloud platform

Seamlessly run range marketing campaigns and monitor your beacon fleet centrally from the cloud dashboard.

Dedicated support

Our dedicated technical support team is always available to help out with any of your device questions.

Thousands of  happy customers

Join marketers and business owners that use IMC Range Devices everyday.

Nationwide shipping

We ship IMC kits anywhere in the nation, usually within 24 hours.